Our Edible Forest Garden (An edible adventure)

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We are passionate about Forest gardening and hope to inspire you to plant edible plants and trees, there are endless possibilities.

It was just a dream for many years inspired by great visionary people and a love of gardening and gaia, the self sustaining living earth.

We now  have two acres of windswept land on a hill top in Wales.

-The Aims-

To work with nature in harmony and produce sustainable food. We are organic and love this planet. We welcome your input and ideas and any advice you may have……Who are we?  A non profit making small group of people giving our spare time and energy to hopefully make a difference and show what can be achieved on land previously disregarded for  arable food production.  Every garden , verge and hedgerow  in the UK no matter how small can grow something to sustain us, the birds and the bees and  be wildlife friendly.

The Adventure starts Here!

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Edible gardening for all.